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For pricing of new Steinway grand and upright pianos (also called vertical pianos), Steinway does not publish prices online, however we are happy to supply pricing if you complete the form below. Please keep in mind that prices will vary based on model (size), finish, cartage (shipping) costs, exchange rate (for those outside of the U.S.) and some other factors The Steinway model 4510, which is an upright piano, costs about $35,000. This is the least.

The cost of a new 5'1″ Steinway S piano is $69,700. Larger Steinway pianos like the 9′ model. The 4510 Steinway upright piano has a Sheraton satin ebony finish and costs $34,200. Model 1098: The 1098 is slightly larger at 46 1/2″ and is better-suited for school use or where appearance is not the primary concern. The 1098 is available in satin ebony for $32,300 or polyester polished ebony for $34,800

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  1. Steinway Upright DuoArt player Piano 1982 model-K tuned & in working condition. $3,999.00. $500.00 shipping. or Best Offer
  2. d that prices will vary based on model (size), finish, cartage (shipping) costs exchange rate (for those outside of Germany) and some other factors
  3. Steinway & Sons Model K (c1928) Black (Ebonised) Upright Piano. £10,000.00. or Best Offer. 11 watching. Collection in person
  4. Steinway K Upright Piano Piano Name: Steinway & Sons Website: Steinway Model: K Made in: USA Parent Company: Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. Company Location: USA Height: 52″ History: Heinrich Steinweg established his piano company in 1853 in New York. Americanized to Steinway and Sons, it was the largest piano manufacturer in the world by 1859. Read Mor
  5. In 1880, the Hamburg Steinway factory was opened. After nearly a century, the piano company has undergone family and ownership changes. Today, it operates under the three lines of Steinway (either in NY or Hamburg), Boston (built in Japan by Kawai) and Essex (built by Pearl River in China). Dimensions: 45.5″x58.5″x25″ or 114cm x 146cm x 62c
  6. The result is the world's finest upright, living up to the Steinway & Sons name in every respect. Our upright pianos take advantage of over 125 patented features and processes, including our patented Diaphragmatic soundboard, Accelerated Action and Hexagrip pinblock. Back Frame: Solid birch mortised foot-piece
  7. An Exclusive Offer Only from Steinway & Sons. When you purchase any Pre-Owned Steinway, you will receive 100% of the original purchase price in trade toward a new Steinway or Steinway - Designed piano of greater value for the lifetime of the instrument. That is the Steinway Promise. Download Sample Certificate

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Designed by Steinway & Sons, employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the Steinway heritage synonymous with musical excellence, the Boston line of grand and upright pianos captures the Steinway DNA and represents a singular achievement in instrument-building: a superior playing experience at a price level never before thought possible Steinway Pianos for sale. Specialist Steinway & Sons Dealer All models of Steinway upright and grand pianos for sale. Do you want to buy a Steinway piano? We always have a great selection to choose from! Just look below for Steinway piano prices. Besbrode Pianos Leeds Yorkshire England UK Steinway & Sons Professional Upright Piano - Used Steinway Upright Piano. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your.

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$ 12.00 Original Price $12.00 (20% off) FREE shipping Add to Favorites Steinway 1938 Piano 1907 Steinway Upright Piano Patent Print, Music Art Poster, Piano Design, Pianist, Musician Gift, Music Room Art, Piano Art, Pianist Gift Studio21graphix. 5 out of 5. Steinway Upright Piano The45 VIDEO COMING! Perfectly still new Steinway45 studio upright piano. New price $24600! That's a difference of nearly $7000. Not to mention you do not pay sales tax if shipped outside of NY state. Big classic Steinway bass and overall extraordinary performance and tone At Lindeblad Piano Restoration, we believe in restoring high-end pianos like pre-owned Steinways to their original form. Our commitment to the authenticity of restoration means we focus on sourcing the highest quality parts and skilled craftsmanship. Call us 24/7. 888.587.4266 OR Ask About Our Pianos

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Steinway&Sons: Upright: 52 HP Eb #54373: 1885: 8050.00: Steinway&Sons: Upright: 52 Mah: Unknown: 1904: 7475.00: Steinway&Sons: Upright: 52 Eb S #72411: 1892: 6900.00: Steinway&Sons: Upright: 52 Eb: Unknown: 1903: 2530.00: Steinway&Sons: Upright: 52 Rse: 1917: 10925.00: Steinway&Sons: Upright: 54 Rse: Unknown: 1868: 11442.50: Steinway&Sons: Upright: 54 Eb: Unknown: 1923: 5750.00: Steinway&Sons: Grand: 5'7 Mah #438893: 1974: 40250.0 Selected piano models should be available in all of the price categories. STEINWAY & SONS managed to turn this project into reality by introducing grand and upright ESSEX pianos which remain the advanced flagship pianos. Steinway mechanics, materials, engineering and its guarantee are at the forefront of every Essex piano 1967 Steinway Upright 1098 $4,900 USD Charles Walter Upright Piano in Excellent Conditio The Classic 124 is among the finest upright pianos. The tone is absolutely clear and refined, with a truly sculptural quality. The 124 is one of the most in-demand models produced by Grotrian-Steinweg, because an upright piano of this size already delivers excellent acoustics and a comparably large action

Each piano may be made from different wood or come in a different size, but they all are full-range instruments with 88 keys. Each model comes at a different Steinway and Sons price point on eBay. Look for the following Steinway piano models which can be found for sale on eBay: Steinway Model S - This is the baby grand offering from the maker Graves Certified Steinway Pianos. Graves carries dozens of used Steinway pianos in every size, style and price point! We also offer you top-quality used Steinway grand pianos, used Steinway upright pianos, including restored Steinway pianos. Unless specified, Graves Full Warranty and Lifetime Full Trade-Up is included on every Steinway piano Priced around $44,000, the K-52 carries, of course, the recognition of the Steinway name, but more than that, it carries the Steinway reputation. Each Steinway upright acoustic piano is handcrafted, not mass-produced as with other manufacturers The Model K is Steinway's flagship upright piano. It has a larger soundboard than many of the grand pianos, and thus has an enhanced resonant voice. This is the piano of choice for many professionals with Steinways in the studios or homes. It is 52 high and costs around $38,50

Steinway & Sons piano sale, now on! Monday 19th April - Saturday 24th April. Our six-day piano sale in collaboration with Help Musicians is officially underway. Every piano is marked down including our limited editions, so seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase your dream piano at a significantly reduced price! Read mor Steinway Upright Pianos - Top of the range. Supreme handcrafted instrument. Each piano takes a year to hand build. PRE-OWNED: PRE-OWNED: PRE-OWNED : A 1960, Steinway Model F upright piano with a mahogany case and polyester finish £8000: A 1985, Steinway Model V upright piano with a black case and brass fittings £16,00

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Height: 125 cm. City: Bellevue Country: United States Business account. Options: Tuning included in the price, Transport included in the price (ground floor), Price negotiable. POA. Category: Upright pianos for sale Petrof P 125 F1. Petrof 237 Monsoon 7u00279u0027u0027 Grand. Length: 237 cm The very earliest pianos crafted by Steinway were distinguished by their inventive features — many of which helped define the modern piano. Today, each Steinway piano is a summation of our commitment to innovation. Each incorporates over 125 patented features and processes, including our patented Diaphragmatic® soundboard, Accelerated Action® and Hexagrip® pinblock. A Steinway grand piano takes nearly a year to create. Nothing is hurried Steinway Piano Prices and Value | Upright, Grand | New, Used. Knowing the fair market value of Steinway pianos is useful to sellers, buyers and owners. This information can help guide you in making important decisions. STEINWAY & SONS. One Steinway Place

Categories: Used Steinway, Used Upright A vintage Steinway and Sons console piano built in 1944 and in fantastic condition. A high end console piano for that smaller place in your home Used c.2006 Pleyel 120 upright piano in ebony NOW SOLD. French piano, beautiful quality soft tone. 1988 Yamaha SU131 handcrafted professional series upright. NOW SOLD. One of the best upright pianos that Yamaha have ever made. c.2002 Steinway Boston GP178 grand piano in walnut polyester IN STOCK. Traditional Challen upright piano in a beautiful. The Classic Studio Upright (EUP-111E) is the perfect choice for any home. With its classic design, it is sure to compliment any interior space. Learn More at bostonpianos.com; EUP-108C Continental. The styling of the Continental Upright (EUP-108C) puts it at home in any décor Yamaha Upright Pianos An upright piano offers the perfect combination of affordability and quality. Often the chosen piano for schools, teachers and anyone looking to place an instrument within the home environment. Our wide-ranging stock of New Yamaha upright pianos, as well as Wilh If you want to buy an upright piano, we can always meet your need with brand new or used upright pianos from many brands. Shop now best quality pianos online. Call us Anytime 770-717-804

Great 52″ Upright Piano built by Samick. Includes a matching bench and a Knabe Factory Warranty. Retail Price MSRP: $13,050. Call for Store Closing Sale Price. Studio Upright Piano Essex Studio Upright Piano. Essex Studio Upright Piano, Model EUP-116, in Polished Ebony. Come play this 45 1/2″ Essex Studio Upright Piano. Designed by Steinway. Steinway Piano, Fully Rebuilt Model S, 1940. $ 47,800.00. Add to cart Treat yourself to this lightly used piano at a very attractive price. Read More; Steinway Model O PEP IQ - SOLD. This Steinway & Sons model O 5'10 3/4 Living room grand piano has been slightly used. At 3 years old, it is as new. This piano comes with a Pianodisc IQ playback system for entertainment at all times. This piano is compeltely authentic Steinway & Sons and somes with a declaration of Steinway Parts. Read Mor

Many Steinway Piano sellers and owners ask themselves How Much is my Steinway Piano worth ?! The bottom line is that the market price is what someone is willing to pay for the Steinway. If they're willing to write you a check for a certain price, you are starting to get an idea of the piano's resale value This two-year old upright has been designed by Steinway & Sons to provide an excellent, affordable piano. This is the perfect opportunity to buy an instrument of high quality at nearly new condition. This instruments natural finish gives a clean, versatile feel that can fit seamlessly into a variety of home environments Boston Upright Piano - 126, designed by Steinway. Boston Performance Edition, Used Upright Piano, is 49 1/2 tall in a beautiful just machine polished ebony finish. Includes the matching bench, a warranty and a 10 year Trade-Up-Plan. New York Retail: $13,900. Mint Condition, Used Upright Piano. Call for Used Pricing. UPRIGHT PIANO NY, LA, & SF Used Steinway Pianos Store. Buy or Sell a Steinway Piano. Price & Cost Guide. Pre-Owned Steinway Grand Pianos Sales, Featured WSJ & NY Time

The Boston 118E Performance Edition combines the best in beauty and performance in an affordable piano. At a height of 46½ (118 cm) and a depth of 23½ (60 cm), the small profile allows you to fit this piano into almost any room. Request More Information. Features and Benefit We offer a wide selection of Steinway model A, B, D, L, M, O, and S pianos. Buy new and used Steinway pianos online now. Schedule Tuning/Service Schedule Store Visit mail@pianocraft.net 888-840-5460. The Steinway Model K-52 Professional Upright Piano (52) - [1983] Restored $24,990.00 Sold Out MSRP $40,800.00 Get access to the pricing of our pianos and receive a welcome eVoucher! Enjoy a one-off discount when you enter the eVoucher code at checkout page. Enjoy exclusive promotions and vouchers. Get access to our Steinway newsletters. Get access to the pricing of our pianos. Authorised Steinway Dealer History. Steinway New York introduced the Upright Grand scale design in 1894 with the 54.7 Model I, replacing the Cabinet Grand series consisting of the slightly smaller Model F and the slightly larger Model G. Steinway Hamburg followed in 1897 with the nearly identical 138 cm Model R. In North America, the Model I competed with similarly sized premium uprights such as the Mason and.

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  1. Steinway Upright Piano Description Product Description. Steinway Upright Piano. This is a unique Steinway upright piano with special cabinet design handcrafted in New York with serial number 127446 it has easy touch and mellow tone. The cabinet is in mahogany finish and has special carved leg design
  2. Steinway & Sons 55 concert Vertical piano. Made in the 1898 Amazing instrument . STUNNING PIECE OF HISTORY SHIPPING INFORMATION Please note the once the piano arrives in your home you will have to tune it at your cost since pianos do go out of tune during shipping. Free local pick up Nationwide Curbside delivery $995 In home set up price.
  3. Although Steinway prices are high compared to other pianos, Steinway pianos have enduring value over time, much more so than competitors' pianos. When you buy a Steinway piano, you are buying a very special piano that will last you and your family a long, long time
  4. Essex Piano By Steinway ++ SPECIAL PRICE $6,495.00 Model EUP-123S Upright Piano, Ebony Polish Finish Built in 2013, this piano, designed by Steinway is like new, and a great instrument for any style of music and any level of playing
  5. Yamaha and Steinway Piano Store Faust Harrison Pianos. Leading Piano Stores in NY, NJ & CT. Huge selection of Steinway and Yamaha Pianos
  6. Based at the Steinway New York piano factory, We are the only source for guaranteed 100% Genuine Steinway parts. All of our parts are manufactured to the same exacting standards by the same craftspeople, using the same materials and processes as in Steinway pianos
  7. Available at our Piano Store in the Montgomery, Alabama Metro Area. (See images below) Description: Steinway Upright Piano for Sale in Montgomery, Alabama.. Built in 1895, this piano is refinished in Semi-Gloss Ebony with new strings and new hammers.. Rebuilt by Thomas Piano Service.. Price: $ 9,500. Brand: Steinway. Piano Manufacturer: Steinway & Sons ¹.

For over 160 years, STEINWAY & SONS has been dedicated to making the finest pianos in the world, setting the uncompromising standard for sound, touch, beauty, and investment value. From our flagship STEINWAY MODEL D — the best piano in the world, to the Boston Performance Edition for the serious student, to the Essex studio upright for those new to the STEINWAY family, STEINWAY & SONS has an. ©2021 Steinway & Sons. Steinway and the Lyre are registered trademarks. One Steinway Place, Astoria, NY 11105 - (718) 721-260 Steinway & Sons, also known as Steinway, (/ ˈ s t aɪ n w eɪ / ()) is a German-American piano company, founded in 1853 in Manhattan by German piano builder Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg (later known as Henry E. Steinway). The company's growth led to the opening of a factory in New York City, United States, and later a factory in Hamburg, Germany. The factory in the Queens borough of New York.

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  1. Steinway K-52 Upright Piano upright piano in excellent condition. It has great bass rich and powerful sound and responsive touch with wide dynamics. Introduced in 1903, this piano features a larger soundboard than many grands, for a more resonant voice. The choice for professional players seeking an upright instrument — and perfect for all.
  2. Steinway & Sons Piano Models List, Price Sheet, And Serial Numbers. New York made grand and upright pianos are available in a variety of finishes. Both the New York and Hamburg produced pianos are made with high-quality materials, though certain crucial differences exist resulting in a different tonal profile
  3. Price. Lower than € 1.500; € 1.500 to € 3.500; € 3.500 to € 12.500; € 12.500 to € 35.000; Higher than € 35.000; Type. Upright piano; Grand piano; Silent acoustic piano; Self-playing piano; Digital stage piano; Digital upright piano; Steinway & Sons S-155 PE Grand Piano Polished Ebony Delivery time:.
  4. This is a remarkable condition Used Steinway Piano using their famous Frank Walsh design. This is a Hepplewhite, also known as Sketch F-73. First produced in 1966, these are among the most beautiful furniture console pianos ever built and the smallest pianos ever produced by Steinway

HOUSE OF PIANOS is a piano retail and servising division of ADMIRAL WORLD General Trading LLC. It is a home to an amazing selection of fine acoustic, digital and designer pianos from the world's leading piano manufacturer Julius Bluthner, Steinway and Sons Pianos from Germany and KURZWEIl Digital Pianos and Keyboards from Korea Steinway & Sons piano manufacture officially began on March 5, 1853, but the first illustrated catalog did not appear until 1865. Until 1859 piano styles were identified by name (plain, fancy, double round, middle round, prime, and so on)

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There is a range of antique and vintage pianos for sale on 1stDibs. Frequently made of wood, metal and hardwood, all antique and vintage pianos available were constructed with great care.Find 40 antique and vintage antique and vintage pianos at 1stDibs now, or shop our selection of 7 modern versions for a more contemporary example of this long-cherished furniture Steinway Upright piano action repair parts. 7500 piano specific items to repair or restore any piano STEINWAY & SONS One Steinway Place Long Island City, New York 11105 718-721-2600 / 800-366-1853 www.steinway.com Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg Sr. built his first piano in 1825 in Seesen, Germany. By 1839 he had exhibited his pianos in state fairs, establishing his reputation as a piano builder before emigrating to the USA with his wife an Steinway Studio Upright Piano - $17,000 (Prescott) All original Steinway upright grand.Steinway and Sons Studio Upright Piano Model 1098, manufactured in 1995, Mahogany with Original Bench, available now in Prescott. More pictures to come.This beautiful Steinway Model 1098 Studio Upright I bought new in Seattle in 1998 and I have been the only owner. The piano has not been rebuilt, and is all. In 1991 Steinway released their line of Boston pianos. The Boston line is designed by Steinway & Sons and manufactured, to Steinway specifications, by Kawai in Hamamatsu, Japan. Steinway's goal was to provide Steinway dealers with high quality, mid-priced pianos that have some Steinway features, and aimed at consumer

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We have a good stock of Steinway, Bechstein, Blüthner, Wlemar, Knight, Feurich, Kawai and Yamaha pianos. With over 70 upright and 15 grand pianos, we have a great variety of stock - new, restored German and English and Japanese ranging from £900 to £32,000. All have well regulated touch and are finely voiced Pianos made by: Designed by Steinway & Sons, made in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China by Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Ltd. Essex pianos are designed and engineered in New York by Steinway & Sons and made in China at the Pearl River factory. Steinway introduced its Essex line of pianos in early 2001 with a limited offering of models made by Young Chang, and the brand kept an unusually. At the low end of the price range you find older pianos. I can't recommend any piano older than 1975. There is also a nice subcategory in this price range. Charles Walter and Sons make a very high quality console. This is the best made American upright other than Steinway. The case of these pianos is beautifully made Steinway Piano Reseller. Steinway Piano Sales, or Sell your Steinway Piano to us. Our Pre-Owned Steinway Pianos are gently used, in like new condition, many just a few years old. Sell my Steinway Piano. +1 (800) 463-8120. Steinway Grand Sitema

Sale Price $14.78 $ 14.78 $ 16.42 Original Price $16.42 (10% off) Steinway & Sons upright piano. a440pianos. From shop a440pianos. 5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 reviews $ 3,999.00. Favorite Add to More colors Piano Patent. Steinway & Son's Piano, Model: K-131 Concert Piano from Rehab-Piano-Aurich ILS 56,977.24 Essex, by Steinway ebony polish upright piano model EUP 108 #E120356C c. 201

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1) Steinway-Designed Essex 111 Upright Piano: Eligible applicants can rent this acoustic upright piano for $99 (plus tax) a month for 6 months. Rental includes bench and an in-home tuning. Payments will then be applied to the purchase of the piano should you decide to exercise the built-in purchase option Steinway & Sons has always set new benchmarks in the construction of grand and upright pianos of the highest quality. Having developed more than 125 patents, the company is considered to be the founder of modern piano construction. Each Steinway grand piano is a unique masterpiece produced from the best materials by the hands of craftsmen Directory of Used Piano Prices. This section lists the average resale prices for used pianos. The important word here is average. The value of a specific piano model may be determined on the basis of the price shown; however, you must consider the condition and make-ready cost of the instrument in question, plus the popularity of the style and finish in your particular area Steinway Upright Piano. This Steinway vintage upright is in the mahogany satin finish with special carving on the legs and very unique cabinet design. it is handcrafted in New York in 1910 with serial number 147704. It has the Steinway sound mellow and dynamic, the action is responsive and very easy to play and control

The Steinway 1098 upright piano has always been considered a great upright for home use. Used Steinway upright models are difficult to find in good working order since most people that purchase these pianos new tend to keep them. Also used Steinway upright pianos use the same high quality parts as new Steinway grands, except designed vertically Steinway Model A-3 #183907 was manufactured in 1916 at the New York-based Steinway & Sons Factory. Fully rebuilt by our expert piano specialists, this instrument features a new solid spruce soundboard, a new hard maple pinblock, a fully rebuilt action, a new damper back action, and much more The Steinway Lifetime Trade-Up Promise. An Exclusive Offer Only from Steinway & Sons. When you purchase any Pre-Owned Steinway, you will receive 100% of the original purchase price in trade toward a new Steinway or Steinway-Designed piano of greater value for the lifetime of the instrument. That is the Steinway Promise Used Console Pianos. We have 30+ console pianos ranging in height from 42″ to 44″ and in price from $2,250 to $5,500. Choose from brands like Kawai, Yamaha, Steinway, Charles R. Walter, Young Chang, and others An authentic and original Heintzman Scale O upright piano needs a new home! Made in 1919, Heintzman has been referred to as the Steinway of Canadian pianos because they were widely considered to be the best pianos ever made in Canada. The older Heintzman pianos have stood up better than any other Canadian make

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  1. Designed by STEINWAY & SONS, employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the name STEINWAY synonymous with excellence, the Boston line of grand and upright pianos represents a singular achievement in instrument building: a superior playing experience at a price level never before thought possible
  2. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for piano, steinway upright model 100 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products
  3. When you purchase an Essex piano, you have the option within ten years of the date of purchase to receive 100% of the original purchase price in trade toward a new Steinway grand piano. GRAND PIANOS. The introduction of the Essex instruments designed by Steinway & Sons in 2006 rounded out the Steinway family
  4. So let's look at some typical Steinway piano prices. Steinway has several models available and they have pianos built in New York as well as piano built in Hamburg available. The Hamburg models tend to be about $10,000 more expensive than the New York models. Let's start with New York models
  5. Posts about steinway piano prices written by royapparker. Steinway & Sons baby grand pianos are the most recognized American make of pianos and often will sell for great market rates any time specified variables really are fulfilled
  6. All used upright Steinway pianos have been meticulously serviced by piano artisans to restore the lush sounds and beautiful cabinetry to their original condition. The restorative properties of music are surprisingly affordable as used upright pianos from Steinway sell at a fraction of their original sales price
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The Steinway Model K is considered the King of all upright pianos. This pre-owned upright (2014) is an exceptional piano in pristine condition. Providing a balanced touch, a broad sound spectrum and rich volume combine to fill anyone's home or establishment with many years of exceptional piano playing Steinway Upright Piano beautiful 52 model K Se#144110 Satin finish bench included ready for intermediate/advance lessons please contact us for more details and to book an appointment 905-773-0087 J.D. Grandt Piano 181 King Road Richmond Hill ON L4E 2W1 https: Price: $26,888. A Steinway K52 in beautifully maintained condition ready to make it's way into your home or studio. For the serious, competitive, or casual player alikethis piano will produce top-notch music for decades to come without you having to pay a top-notch price Steinway & Sons. Dave's Piano Showroom carries a large selection of preowned Steinway & Sons pianos. If you are searching for a Steinway vertical in Tampa Bay or Clearwater, such as the 4510, 1098, K-52 or any other Steinway upright model; stop by one of Dave's two convenient locations, in the greater Tampa Bay area STEINWAY & SONS is understood throughout the piano industry to be the best of the best. No other piano is as sought after for the home or concert stage. In addition to their fine hand-built pianos Steinway has designed their BOSTON & ESSEX pianos to be superior to any piano in their price range

Steinway & Sons K-132 / 52 used pianos for sale - vertical

Steinway & Sons is striking a chord with buyers with its self-playing Spirio grand pianos: Price: $99,300 and $133,000, depending on model A 1938, Steinway Model Z upright piano with a walnut case. Reference Number: 1842 This piano comes with the Besbrode Pianos Warranty. Price includes: 3 year warranty First tuning free. Usually 4 weeks after piano delivery to allow settling in. Free adjustable piano stoo

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In addition, all Essex pianos feature Steinway- designed strings, plate, backposts/braces, and bridges, as well as many Steinway- specified parts and manufacture procedures. As a result, the Essex is, quite simply, the best piano available in its price range today The Essex Piano was introduced in 2000. Designed by Steinway Piano to be a Higher Quality Piano in the low-mid price range. Backed by Steinway Piano all the Essex Pianos come with the Steinway Promise. We have the full line of STEINWAY Pianos, BOSTON Piano and ESSEX Piano. Come play a New Steinway Grand Piano, Hear the Steinway Spirio Player Piano Steinway Dealer. Malaysia. STEINWAY DEALER of Malaysia is the premier location to purchase Steinway pianos. The Steinway & Sons family including Boston and Essex pianos provide our pianists with quality instruments over a wide price point with the knowledge that all the instruments have be designed by the piano industry leader Steinway & Sons

1941 Steinway Upright Console | Lindeblad Piano Restoration1890 Steinway Victorian Oak model C Grand Piano - PianoYamaha E108 upright piano
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